DTMF/FSK CLI Compatible
16-digit LCD display with Blue backlight 
37 Incoming calls memory (Dynamic memory)
37 VIP calls memory (Dynamic memory)
15 Outgoing call memory (Dynamic memory)
10-One touch memories
Programmable flash time
Tone /Pulse dialing mode compatible
Music on Hold
16 Ring melodies
4 – Level ringing volume control
2 - Way Speaker function with adjustable  volume
Do Not Disturb function
DTMF/FSK compatible with auto –detection.
3 – Alarm clock setting) 
5-levels of
LCD contrast adjustable
Anti-steal dialing function
Mechanical key Lock function


Dual Mode FSK/DTMF Caller ID Compatible
16-Digit LCD Display with Blue Backlight
Angular LCD Display (Tilted)
110 - Incoming Call Memories
16 - Outgoing Call Memories
FSK Type-II CLI Compatible (Call wait CLI**)
70 - Phone Book Memories
10 - One Touch & 10 - Two Touch Memories
High end Speaker Phone with Adjustable Receive Volume
Mute & Hold Function
3.5mm Headset Jack Support
8 - Ring Melody Selectable

14 - Digit LCD Display With Blue Backlight
2 - Line CLI Function
3 - Way Call Conferencing Function
Music on Hold (For other end only)
60 - Incoming Call Memory
20 - Outgoing Call Memory
2-One Touch & 9-Two touch Memory
2 - Way Speaker Phone with Adjustable Volume
16 - Ring Melody Selectable
Step Ringing Volume Switchable (HI/LOW/OFF)
Adjustable  LCD Contrast
Flash Time 300 m Sec
Pause  Function
Mechanical Lock
Auto Add “0”
Anti Line Tapping Function
Dual Mode FSK/DTMF Caller ID Compatible
In Use / Hold LED Indication 


FSK/DTMF Caller ID System Compatible
Call Waiting CLI for FSK Type-II
LCD Display with 16-Digit and 16-Character
50 Nos - Phone Book
50 Nos - Incoming Call Memory
10 Nos - Outgoing Call Memory
4 – One Touch Memory (M1 ~ M4)
Menu Selectable in English / Spanish Language
5 Kinds of Normal Ring Melody Selectable
5 Digits Area Code Setting
5 Digits Long Distance Code Setting
5 Levels of LCD Contrast Selectable
3 Levels of Ringing Volume Control Selectable
2 - Way Speakerphone with Adjustable Receive Volume
2 Levels of Handset Receive Volume Control Selectable
Pre-dialing ,Edit & Delete Function
Toggle Mute Function
Tone / Pulse Dialing Switchable
Programmable Flash Time (100/300/600/1000) m Sec
Pause and Redial function
Ring LED Indication
In - Use LED Indication 

FSK/DTMF compatible Caller-ID
80 incoming Memory
24 outgoing memory
Real time clock with year, date & month display
12 digit Green / Orange Backlit LCD
Display of incoming numbers, new call, total calls & repeat calls
Basic calculator
Programmable Flash
Ringer volume control Switch
Anti line tapping
Music on Hold
Redial (31 digit Redial memory)
Two-Way Speakerphone with programmable receive volume setting
DO NOT DISTURB for max 12 hours
Desk / wall mountable
LED for in use indication

Conversation time display
FSK/DTMF Compatible Caller-ID.
2-Way Speakerphone.
6-step Adjustable LCD Contrast.
Toggle Mute.

Handsfree Dialing
VIP Number Storage
In-use LED Indication

DTMF/FSK CLI Compatible.
16 - Digits LCD Display
40- Incoming Call Memory (with 10 Digits)
40 - VIP Calls Memory
10 - Outgoing Call Memory (with 10 Digits)
16 - Ring Melody Selectable
Adjustable Ringer Volume Control
Ring LED Indication
Adjustable LCD Contrast
PABX Code & Local Area code Setting.
Mute and DND Function
Two Way Speaker Phone with adjustable  Volume
Programmable Flash Time
Tone/Pulse Dialing Mode Selectable
Anti Steal Dialing Function
Pause & Redial Function

DTMF/ FSK compatible Caller ID
Ringer volume control Switch
Toggle Mute
Hands-free dialing
LED for Ring indication
Redial (31 digit Redial memory)
30 incoming calls memory
5 outgoing calls memory
6 step LCD contrast adjustable
16 digit single Line LCD display
Display of incoming numbers, new call, total calls  & repeat calls
Checking, Erasing and call back for incoming / outgoing calls/pre-dialing
Flash 300ms (100ms, 300ms, 600ms, 1000ms (programmable)
Tone/ Pulse selectable through software

DTMF/FSK CLI Compatible
30 Incoming Call Memory
05 Outgoing Call Memory
08 Ring Melody Selectable
Adjustable LCD Contrast
Adjustable Ringing Volume
Tone/Pulse Dialing Mode Selectable
Pre- Dial and Edit Function
Music on Hold
16 Digit LCD Display With  Backlight
Stylish Retro Phone Design
2 Way Speaker Phone
Anti Line Tapping Function


FSK/DTMF compatible caller-id
16 Digit single Line LCD display
30 incoming Memory
5 outgoing memory
Real time clock with year, date & month display
6 step LCD contrast adjustable
Redial (31 digits redial memory)
Display of incoming numbers, new call, total calls & repeat calls
Checking, Erasing and call back for incoming /outgoing calls/pre-dialing
Toggle Mute
Flash 300ms (100ms, 300ms, 600ms, 1000ms (programmable)
Tone / Pulse selectable through software (* key)
Ringer volume control Switch


Speaker Phone with 10 memory
Backlit LCD
GSM Interference Free
Dual Mode DTMF / FSK Compatible
99 Incoming Calls Memory
10 Outgoing Calls Memory
8 One Touch Memory
Language Selection
Local Area Code
Phone Book with Name
Baby Call Setting
Toggle Mute
5-Step LCD Contrast Adjustable
Speaker In-Use Indication 

FSK/DTMF compatible with auto-detection.
16-digit LCD display with Green back light. 
99 Nos Incoming Call Memory.
18 Nos Outgoing Call Memory.
6 One-Touch Memory.
5 kinds of Normal Ringing Tone for Selection.
Intercom and Parallel Call Transfer Function
Redial function & Pause Function.
5 sets of Alarm Clock.
4 kinds of Polyphonic Ringing Music For Selection 
Basic Calculator function.
Set PABX Code Function.
16 level LCD Contrast Adjustable.
Programmable selectable Tone /Pulse Dialing Mode.
Two ways Speakerphone with 3 levels Volume Control.
5 level Ringing volume selection
Anti- Steal dialing function
Programmable Flash function 




99 Nos Phone book memory
Dynamic Incoming calls memory.
Dynamic Outgoing calls memory
10 One touch & 10 two touch memory.
Pre- Dial Voice announcing feature.
Incoming number talking CLI announcing
Outgoing message number (OGM) announcement
Reject number setting (Black list  function).
8 normal ringing tones and 10 music ringing for selection
10 kinds of hold music for selection
5 sets of alarm clock with daily or one time option.
LCD contrast adjustable.
Mute function
Programmable Flash  & Pause
Tone /Pulse dialing mode compatible.
Ringing volume adjustable
Anti-stealing dialing function 
Dual Mode FSK/DTMF CLI Compatible





Intercom Facility Between Two Phones.
Call Transfer facility from Phone 1 to Phone 2 & Vice Versa.
Dual Mode FSK/DTMF CLI compatible.
Two Way Speakerphone.
3 one touch memory.(M1,M2 &M3)
Auto Add “0” in Call Back.
28 Incoming calls memory.
10 outgoing calls memory.
5 step LCD contrast adjustable.
Programmable Flash time  and Pause
Programmable Tone / Pulse Dialing Mode.
3 step ringer Volume switchable


Caller Id Telephones Specification




Dual Mode FSK/DTMF CLI Compatible
16-Digit LCD Display with Blue Back light.
Adjustable LCD Screen  
99 Nos Incoming Call Memory.    
18 Nos Outgoing Call Memory.
3 One-Touch Memory.
5 Kinds of Normal Ringing Tone for Selection.
4 Kinds of Polyphonic Ringing Music For Selection
Intercom and Parallel Call Transfer Function between two same models in parallel.
Mute Function.
Music on Hold
Display of Incoming number, New Call, Repeat Calls, Real Time & Date in Idle Mode
Checking, Erasing and Call Back for Incoming /Outgoing Calls.
Pre-dial and Edit function
Redial function & Pause Function.
5 Sets of Alarm Clock.
16 Level LCD Contrast Adjustable
Tone /Pulse Dialing Mode selectable through program
Two ways Speakerphone with adjustable  Receive Volume Control.
5 Level Ringing Volume Selection
Programmable Flash function ( 100ms,300ms,600ms & 1000ms)
Auto Add “0” in Call Back
Local Area Code Setting
LED Indication for Ring / New Call
Available in Warm Grey and Black Colors